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Ableton Live Controller That Needs Your Help to Launch

An Ableton Live user by the name of Sté True has built, in my opinion, one of the most tactile controllers for Live that I have ever seen, as part of his thesis for his Bachelor Degree in Engineering. There are two controllers, an EQ module and the Session Controller; however, it’s the Session Controller that I’m most interested in. Take a look at the demonstration video:

Here’s what Sté has to say about the controllers:

“In a nutshell, The Ableton Session Controller focuses on the selected channel in Live and follows it, ensuring an efficient workflow as no mapping or bank-shifting is needed. It targets Mixing/Mastering (Panning, arm, mute, solo, 4 Sends, volume, DIM, magic encoder, prev/next track, Cue point management) and Editing (Scroll, Zoom, modifier keys, transport keys, most used editing moves, view changes, etc).

It also adds extra functionalities to Ableton (un-mute, un-solo, un-arm all tracks + The ‘Sender’ + variable DIM + Channel Lock + Cue point list + others).

The EQ and Dynamic Units also follow the mouse to recognise and auto-map their 52 parameters to stock, VST and Audio Unit plug-ins. They allow custom sensitivity for every single VST parameter and custom default values to jump to, for a tactile and efficient workflow.”

Ask Audio have put together an in-depth look at the controller, as well as a short interview with Sté True (click here to read the article).

Sté advises us to comment on the video if we’re interested in purchasing these controllers and if enough people are interested, he’s going to approach a company to try and get more of them made. A Kickstarter campaign may be more beneficial for acquiring backers and the necessary financial support, but it would mean Sté has to build these devices by hand unless he can find a suitable manufacturer. Either way, please comment to show your support if you’re interested.


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