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My Top 6 Ted Talks on Music

I watch many Ted Talks, in fact, I’m currently trying to build the habit of watching one a day. I’ve often found that the talks on subject matters that wouldn’t usually be of interest to me, be the most thought-provoking episodes I have watched. I plan to curate my top 10 Ted Talks shortly, but until then, here are my favourite talks on Music.

How to translate the feeling into sound | Claudio | TEDxPerth

The Beautiful Lies of Sound Design | Tasos Fratzolas | TEDxAthens

How sampling transformed music | Mark Ronson

THIS is computer music: Ge Wang at TEDxStanford

Performing electronic music with gesture | Chagall | TEDxClerkenwell

Transforming Noise Into Music | Jackson Jhin | TEDxUND


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