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Featured Finds 002

This post is the second instalment of a weekly series I’ve started in where I share a list of the five coolest things I’ve found (or explored) that week.

1Hans Zimmer is my favourite composer and one of the few people I would call a mentor. His music has shaped the way I hear and approach production and has shown me how to express myself through the language of music. His discography of work is incredible going back two decades, including some of the most significant films from my generation. This video looks at just a few of those movies with Hans talking us through the history behind each score.

Hans Zimmer Breaks Down His Legendary Career, From “Rain Man” to “Inception” | Vanity Fair: 

2. Brian Eno is another incredibly talented musician whose work spans back as far as the 1970’s. The focus point of this video is how Eno comes up with ideas for his projects, or, how he sets up Logic to randomise notes (as well as a handful of other techniques) to find ideas that he wouldn’t have come up with himself.

Brian Eno: Behind The Reflection – BBC Click:

3. The scripts that Eno are using reside only in Logic, but rather conveniently Isotonik Studios released a bundle of plugins making this possible for Ableton users too.

Isotonik / LDM Design Ableton Max for Live Devices Inspired by Brian Eno

4. While I was looking around Isotonik Studio’s website, I found this Arcade series also for Ableton or Max for Live. Funnily enough, it is my old tutor from college who is the genius behind these devices. Thinking back, I do remember him producing earlier versions of these plugins and demonstrating them to the class. I’ll let the video explain what the devices do.

Link to the full product page.

5. Björk is yet another one of my all-time favourite artists. She has long been associated with using cutting-edge technology to shape her unique sound; this article looks at just a few of the most significant tools the Icelandic icon has used throughout her career.

7 times Björk used cutting-edge technology to shape her music

One of my favourites from her discography:


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