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Why You Should Dedicate One Day Each Week To Learning

Over the last few weeks, I have blocked out my entire Sunday’s for just one practice, learning. I’ve often found with creators that we have a tendency to stay inside our comfort zone, creating in a self-imposed space that feels comfortable to us. If you’re a music producer or musician, this could be: always writing in the same genre, starting a track in the same way, using the same instruments, deploying the same effects, and so forth.

I believe that at some point we all become guilty of this and we’ve forgotten that the magic honestly does happen outside of our comfort zone. The goal should be to become comfortable, with being uncomfortable.

But before we can do this, we must have a scared practice of continuous learning.

This in itself can take many forms, you could study some of the greats, their art and philosophy, hone your skills and practice creating in unfamiliar territories, or choose to master your tools and instruments to become more fluid with them. However you decide to learn, just make sure that it’s a reoccurring block of time that you protect and do not waiver from.

Only last year, I found myself collecting learning material, ranging from: masterclasses, books, articles, exercises, courses, tutorials, and so on. This collection just seemed always to be growing without me chipping away, or making a commitment to working through it. I deemed practice as merely producing music, working on new projects, or collaborating with other musicians. But after a while, I learnt that I wasn’t learning anything new, I was practising the same habits and routines, staying within my genre of music, never venturing outside of this self-imposed world I had created for myself. I see many other music producers fall into this trap, while I can’t say for sure, I’d imagine it happens in all area of the arts.

I believe that if you continuously expose yourself to new art, techniques, ideas or philosophies, you’ll always be in a state of growth which will then be reflected in your art.


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